Learning and Teaching…12 Months. 12 Projects. 365 days

This will be either a great success…or disaster!

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So I figure that I am starting this blog for purely selfish reasons.  I want to talk about myself and the tasks that I take on over the next year.  In my life I never stop moving, or to think.  And I never complete a task that I start…when it is for myself.  So, in light of this, I am starting this blog with one month dedicated to each task that I want to undertake.  Typically I load my plate with a hundred things I want to do and never focus on one of them.  This will (hopefully) help me stay dedicated to one thing for a solid month. 

For October I am undertaking the vegan lifestyle.  I am an on and off vegetarian who cheats once in awhile.  My boyfriend loves to tell me that I am a fake vegetarian. Once in awhile, if under pressure from a delicious looking menu, I will splurge and get a turkey reuban.  As of right now I am primarily vegetarian, but I have found myself “looking the other way” or ignoring ingredients that do exactly co exist kindly with the lifestyle I am trying to create.

Reasons I want to do this?  And reminders to myself… I love animals and I don’t really want to eat them.  I read Dr. Furhman’s book , Eat To Live, and I really respect the ideas and facts about our bodies that he has compiled. I feel so much better when I cut meat and dairy from my diet.  I have been attempting to give up meat and dairy for 3 years now and I haven’t been successful.  I know I can do  it. 

I want to give myself a month of veganism.  I am making a pledge to myself and my body to do this…This will be my first task on a list of twelve.  At the end of the month I will decide if I want to keep up this way of life, or fall back into my normal pattern of things.  This will by the trials and tribulations of that. 

People may think this is a ridiculous thing to do…but I figure its my own personal achievement diary.  And I want to write about it so I stick to it.  And I can actually say I stuck to something and completed it.  One year of change and focusing on myself.  Starting…Now


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