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Grouchy Vegetarian

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Feeling a little miserable today because I’m pretty sore from the yoga class I took last night…And I found another gray hair in my eyebrow.  Not exactly how I want to start my day… Plus the intense political debates in my office aren’t exactly adding to my comfort level today.  Its really clear that some people really know what they are talking about when it comes to politics, and others really just parrot what they hear around the urinal  instead of doing their own research.  I enjoy listening to educated discussions, but the back and forth in an office environment just stresses me out.  How I handle it? I pretend everyone has a bobblehead…With a tiny body, and a tiny penis on their head.  Honestly, you can’t take anyone seriously when you picture them like that.  Its really easy to keep a fake smile plastered on your face.

So…In order to continue on my vegan journey, I figure I should educate myself along the way.  At yoga I came across a pamphlet for, which is an awesome organization advertising rescue, education, and advocacy for sustainable farming. The pamphlet advertises factual information about factory farming and how it is harming our environment. I feel like a lot of this information is in our faces all of the time, and confronts us with images that are difficult for us to process…”Our food has been where?” and “Our meat has been what?” It is really easy to not think about what you are eating, when that cheesesteak is in your face smelling all delicious…You don’t think, “hmmm where did this meat come from, what was it fed, and is it pumped full of so many antibiotics is could cure a raging STD but effect my body in weird other ways and make me grow a beard?”  Its really difficult…damn near impossible in America to eat responsibly ALL THE TIME.  I know I can’t do it, so I cut my choices down and eat vegetarian.

If you want to learn about it, know where your food is coming from…

go here——->

Anyway,  I don’t know about the average American, but factory farms, or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are not my idea of the farms I like to envision in my mind!  From what I understand, factory farms are a far cry from your neighborhood, friendly farmer in overalls sittin on his tractor being proud of his land.

According to Farmsanctuary’s educational pamphlet they lay out some crazy bananas stuff… “Since factory farms are considered “farms,” they are currently exempt from any industrial standards required by the Environmental Protection Agency.”  How messed up is that?    In educating yourself on this you will quickly learn about the pollution of our rivers, the insane amount of animal feces that is seeping into your groundwater, devastation and deforestation, and highly toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases that we are breathing every day.

So, in order to try to do my part… and instead of going on a rant about this, I am just trying to make a valid attempt to buy locally from farmers.  At least I know where the food I buy is coming from, and maybe I can even establish a new relationship in my relatively new farm community.  And, instead of my money going to a big coorporate business, at least it will be staying local and supporting local business growth.

Recently, as a result of my moving to New Jersey from Philadelphia, I am surrounded by farms! I love these farms, and in fact two of our great friends live on a farm in Allentown, so I spend a lot of time there.  They farm hay, and right now soybeans, but on a regular scale. I’m actually learning some farm talk and incorporating it in to my everyday language! 🙂

Its almost time for the weekend! Hopefully I can resist pizza night friday.


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