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When the paint dries

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Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life. 

I love my little nights in my apartment with Craig.  Its the quiet comfort, mixed with comfort food that make it special for me.  I think sometimes when you are in a solid relationship, sometimes you do not need to talk at all when enjoying each other’s company. 

Last night I had taco night!  For Craig I made shredded chicken                       tacos—–> I did a couple small tweaks like added cayenne pepper, and left out the butter and marjoram (because I did not have the spice).  Apparently it was delicious… according to the BF. 

I made a vegan mexi rice…Really easy…I used jasmine rice and added some vegetable broth, cumin and salsa.  I also threw in some frozen corn.  I have realized that with simple changes I actually like the vegan options better than my old version.  As a non vegan I would have added sour cream and cheese to the rice (which is delicious, but honestly I don’t need the calories.)

I picked up some vegan tortillas and used them for the chicken tacos and my delicious lentil taco recipe—–>,7120,s6-242-303-308-10860-0,00.html They are amazing… I find that as long as I have the lentils, I can usually make some version of these and throw them in salads, wraps/burrito, or even eat them plain!

Anyway, after dinner I decided to begin my mom’s Christmas present.  Its coming along really nicely so far, but its just in the beginning stages! I haven’t painted in awhile, I have been using my artistic chops in other ways, so we will see how this little experiment goes.  I had a little trouble mixing the exact colors I need for the base, but I think after a few trials and errors, I had a little better luck.  Just in case she ever reads this blog, I will not say exactly what I am doing, but I will post pictures when I am done.  Maybe by then I will even be able to figure out how to do a step by step tutorial thingy!   🙂

I haven yoga tonight…and I was so sore from my repeated sun salutations in my last class (I must have done 50) that the pain in my shoulders did not go away for days! I worked muscles that I did not even know I had.  I am pumped to learn more of the correct way of doing these poses that I thought I already had down pat!  


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