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Prayers for Sandy and humans

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So its been a crazy couple weeks…Sandy has effected so many, and devastated the coast. Watching the tragedy unfold on the news and outside our homes these past few weeks has been a really eye opening experience. When bad things happen overseas, or even in different states, its much easier to stay numb and not feel so much inside for those that are effected. We are blasted with so many media images daily that its normal for a newer news story to take precedence over another, even if the aged one is much more important. We forget easily. We don’t want to help. We don’t know how to help. We have excuses… We are too selfish, lazy, forgetful, tired, preoccupied…etc. I think the idea that I have been trying to wrap my head around is that, no matter where tragedy happens on this earth, it affects all of us in some way or another. Attempting to give properly and be sympathetic to others is so much more important than what Lindsey Lohan is crashing her SUV into. We all have the ability to love one another. It is so much easier to Hate than it is to Love

So I want to post a prayer.

God be with us humans and our suffering spirits. Please point our hearts and our physical selves toward the correct path of love and the light for this life that you have given us. Please allow us to put aside our egos, and assist our brothers and sisters, regardless of class, race, backgrounds, and grievances. Allow us to make our decisions out of love. Please keep our hearts light and allow us to find ways to move past the aspects of this life that do not matter, the pain that will not matter, and the experiences that instill fear within us. Allow us to forgive and help rebuild our earth, and our individual lives, that were damaged long ago. With the holiday season coming, allow us to keep what is really important in mind and nurture one another, and our spiritual selves.

Be blessed.


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