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Prayers for Sandy and humans

So its been a crazy couple weeks…Sandy has effected so many, and devastated the coast. Watching the tragedy unfold on the news and outside our homes these past few weeks has been a really eye opening experience. When bad things happen overseas, or even in different states, its much easier to stay numb and not feel so much inside for those that are effected. We are blasted with so many media images daily that its normal for a newer news story to take precedence over another, even if the aged one is much more important. We forget easily. We don’t want to help. We don’t know how to help. We have excuses… We are too selfish, lazy, forgetful, tired, preoccupied…etc. I think the idea that I have been trying to wrap my head around is that, no matter where tragedy happens on this earth, it affects all of us in some way or another. Attempting to give properly and be sympathetic to others is so much more important than what Lindsey Lohan is crashing her SUV into. We all have the ability to love one another. It is so much easier to Hate than it is to Love

So I want to post a prayer.

God be with us humans and our suffering spirits. Please point our hearts and our physical selves toward the correct path of love and the light for this life that you have given us. Please allow us to put aside our egos, and assist our brothers and sisters, regardless of class, race, backgrounds, and grievances. Allow us to make our decisions out of love. Please keep our hearts light and allow us to find ways to move past the aspects of this life that do not matter, the pain that will not matter, and the experiences that instill fear within us. Allow us to forgive and help rebuild our earth, and our individual lives, that were damaged long ago. With the holiday season coming, allow us to keep what is really important in mind and nurture one another, and our spiritual selves.

Be blessed.

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New in November

Ok so I am just getting used to the fact that it is November… And I am just getting over being sick! First came the hurricane, then came the flu… Terrible. Although I did not get hit that hard by the hurricane, I definitely am surrounded by people who’s worlds have been shattered by Sandy. It made
Me think that I am really blessed for all that I have. So… I have decided to focus November on the spiritual. November is my month with God.
Vegan down… (and still going) reconnecting spiritually coming up! I think it is important for me to focus on this early to put the rest of my year in balance.
Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this is my second month focus! One down, 11 to go… Back to normal posts tomorrow… Au revoir ūüėČ

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8 Limbs

Last night in Yoga we studied the 8 limbs of yoga .¬† For a quick review—>

It is a really interesting… SO I am trying to focus on this path of study in the ways of Non Harming, and Love.¬† When you think about it, you can attempt to physically practice these ideas and practices a lot more easily than dealing with mental garbage.¬† How do you get rid of the thoughts and feelings that cross your mind recularly that are harmful spiritually?

It seems that most religions get it right.¬† They want you to practive love and forgiveness.¬†¬† But it is WE that twist it and shape religious practive into only what is convenient and easy for us.¬† We need to fight for our selves spiritually…and many of us are not willing to do that.¬†

Anyway…Vegan… One of the 8 limbs “Yamas” which is “Ahimsa” presents the act of “non-harming.” This applies to ourselves, animals and other living things.¬† Non harming actions and thoughts.¬† Ahimsa was the only thing Ghandi truely focused on throughout his life, and he is one of the most revered yoginis.¬† And he only focused on this one aspect.¬† The 8 limbs are not something that you need to choose one aspect to focus on, they are almost supposed to be fluid…if I am correct.¬† As you practice yoga many of them just happen… Some at the same time as the rest.¬† It really is a lovely entity of yoga.¬†


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Exercise and Sexercise (and bananas) HA!

¬†I know that I am focusing on being vegan this month, but in line with my food intake I also want to be aware of how I am burning off everything I am putting in my body.¬† I love finding everyday things that burn calories… Because everyday my goal is to burn more calories than I take in…I think…How in the hell do I do that since I love eating?¬†

So…I know, I know…There are a ton of articles out there telling out what burns calories and how much! But I have compiled this fabulous little list that shows a bunch of different facts about calories burned from a bunch of different articles!

Nerdy fact about me…My graduate degree is in library science and I was really good at research papers.¬† So I love facts and making lists.¬† Here ya go…

  • Dusting (30 Minutes)=80 calories
  • House painting (3 hrs)= 1,026 calories
  • Kissing¬†(30 mins)= 36 calories…ok ok its not a lot of calories but its fun!

(These fun facts from

  • A fabulous night of dancing (1 hour)= 317 calories
  • Pushing a stroller aroung (1 hour)= 200 calories


  • cycling around neighborhood (30 mins)-300 calories
  • yoga (30 mins to 1 hr)- 175 calories (depends on the intensity level)
  • stair climbing (10 minutes) – 84 calories

These seem a little high burning to me so I am not too sure of their accuracy, but I love to believe they are true!!!

And SEXercising!!!! As per this lovely lady, the calorie count for all things sex…¬† As provided by…( click on the link to check out the cals for more sexy activities.¬†

  • Hardcore making out (1/2 hour)-240 cals…This seems like a lot so I think this may be a stretch… but maybe these people are doing some really creative things.
  • Sex (1/2 hour)- 85 to 150 calories…If you’re you’re really working hard.¬†

And a sweet lil blog called “Share it Fitness” has a nice list of things¬†to do in under an hour that burn 800 calories! So if you know you are going to eat two hot dogs, a cheese burger, some potato salad, two cupcakes and birthday cake, and your calorie count is off the charts…but you have an extra hour of downtime… here are some ideas¬†¬† Some ideas include treadmill intervals, boxing workouts, and swimming.¬† I want to box so bad!¬† I just need a speed bag…

Also…In case anyone out there is interested here is a sweet calorie counter


Basically… I need to up the anti (anty?) with exercising, but right now I would rather figure out how to fit activity into my busy everyday life.¬† Bc honestly, like most of the rest of the world we’re all holding down some major jobs and handling life matters.¬† I am so wiped by the end of the day, I just don’t have it in me yet to tackle an ultramarathon.

Anyway, awesome breakfast I want to share with you!¬† I know I have seen similar things to this on other blogs… esp one of my favorite blogs ( But I think my recipe¬†may be¬†a little different…If you want to check out some similar recipes, just google “banana ice cream.”

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tbs peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4 cup water
  • granola or (my choice) nature valley oats n honey granola bar

Oh my goodness this was so good.¬† Just put everything in your blender or magic bullet (love it!) and blend until there is still a little bit of chunk left.¬† I don’t like mine too smoothie ish.¬† After you have a nice consistency add a palmful of granola, or crumble your nature valley bar right on top.¬† Mix and devour.¬† So good.¬† Seriously I love love love dessert and this is right up there with my favorites.¬† The addition of peanut butter and granola is just amazing… You are looking at about 400 calories for this.¬† In order to cut cals, you could reduce the peanut butter to half, and only use one of the two bars that come with the nature valley.¬† You can definitely make adjustments to make this work for you.¬† But honestly… Its just goodness.¬†

Have a good day! I am still trying to figure out next month…I think I may go with “money matters and organization.”¬† Sigh…We will see.


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Beans beans Are good for your heart? And make you do what?

Look… I know beans may be the unsexiest food ever. But for us veggie people they are completely necessary. I got to thinking about beans yesterday because of my best friend. Julie and I have very different ideas of a healthy diet. Basically, while we have a mutual respect for one another’s choices, we both think the other’s diet is a fast disgusting trudge toward death… She basically would jump off a bridge before becoming a veggie. Apparently she and her equally as fabulous boyfriend follow an atkins-esque diet minus the dairy, which is not something that is my cup of tea.

So as we were talking yesterday, she yelled at me for eating so many beans. This took me by surprise… She said something like, “Dude, do you know how many carbs are in beans? Stay far away from them. And seriously….You want to be fartin’ all the time around people? You’re gonna gross out your man. No way.” My response, “Please don’t ruin beans for me too Jul…Im still not over the loss of cheese from my life, I can’t handle losing beans too.” . Anyway…This got me contemplating my beloved bean.

First of all, we all know the saying about beans. Don’t act like you don’t. I am a huge bean fan… But apparently for many people beans tend to make their bellies a little gassy. Personally, I never really knew if it was true, or if we were all experiencing a sort of placebo effect as a result of the bean/gas rumors and songs. I truly was not sure if this mean bean rumor was some what of a legend made up by kids on the playground just so they could sing a song about farts.

Well, in my google research, I stumbled across this fabulous little blog that tells you all about beans, and why they do in fact make you gassy!

Hold on to your seats folks, beans can make you stinky…If you hadn’t realized this already. Apparently, the combination of fiber and resistent starches that are difficult to “break down” is what causes your belly problems. But that doesn’t mean you should’nt eat them. Every person is different and every body’s reaction is different. Being a complex carb, they are full of yumminess as well as nutrition…If you really want to know what your talking about, check out these links.– for carb info broken down into types of beans Why beans? What do they do exactly?– live to be 100 with beans! a sweet lil food pyramid according to Dr. Furhman.

So here is my favorite bean recipe… HUMMUS! And FYI your hummus doesn’t have to be fattening. You CAN make hummus without tahini. It is not a necessary ingredient. And it is so simple.

  • 1 can BPA free garbonzo beans
  • 1-2 tbs olive oil (start w a little and add to your taste)
  • Lots o garlic finely chopped
  • 1 tsp fresh or dried Dill (add more to taste)
  • garlic powder to taste

Throw it all in a blender and blend until smooth. You can add anything you want. If you don’t think it will taste right with the dill, leave that out. Simple, less fattening without the tahini, and you can build on this lil gem. Add red peppers, jalapenos, more garlic…Anything. And so many veggie foods that could be boring you can just slap some hummus on it and it becomes so much better.

Some great bean recipes according to this sweet little blog I stumbled across… The enchiladas look amazing.

As the month is wrapping up, I need to pinpoint what my November goal is going to be…I am proud to be keeping up with my journey. Just over 11 months to go!


Vegan Blog Overload and favorite products

So I think there are so many vegan blogs in blog world that my mind has officially blown trying to at least glance at all of them.¬† Even the amount of vegan blogs on wordpress blows me away.¬† There is so much good stuff out there.¬† I love and admire these writers plugging away every day churning out new work.¬† It really is inspirational.¬† The only struggle I face trying this vegan life is having to cook two meals… one for me, and one for my carnivorous boyfriend.

So I have taken to cooking for him, and eating a lot of salads.¬† But when I don’t slack, I do attempt to cook two meals that kind of build off of one another.¬† Basically a vegan meal that I can throw some meat in and satiate the man at the same time.¬†¬†This works really well with salads, pastas and stir frys.

Through some of my research (taste testing) I would have to say that these are some of my absolute favorite products…  I love cream cheese.  I was a cream cheese addict in a former life (2 years ago).  I used to take cheese its and dunk them in cream cheese and eat handfuls like that.  This is a good substitute.  Actually I really like all of their products.  They are creamy and lovely and I could eat them with cheez its. If I was allowed.¬† candy bars are awesome… Thats just it.¬† Super duper soy sauce substitute.¬† I can put this all over steamed veggies and not even miss soy.¬†Plus you don’t have to worry about the sodium.¬† Its a win win. I buy it in the cardboard containers because its the cheapest I can find!!! Plus I can store it in dry storage until I need to use it. AWESOME  Mission tortillas.  They are my go to tortillas for ALL THINGS! I even wrapped peanut butter and banana in them yesterday.  I love it.  They are perfect.  Albeit a little fattening, but still really awesome.

I also love these vegan meatballs that I find at whole foods… I just cannot find a link to the company.¬† So I found this yummy recipe that I am going to try right away.¬†

Soooo… If you want another more professional looking list check it out here.¬† This is a fantastic blog I just discovered today…¬† I also find an easy way to make quick vegan meals is to keep a ton of frozen veggies and fruit in the freezer…And throw¬†them in everything!¬†¬† Also invest in a magic bullet, or something of the sort.¬†¬† I have a faux magic bullet from walmart, and it even chops up large ice chunks.¬† Love it.¬† I even make hummus and soup in it.¬† It makes my life so much easier.¬† And that is my goal…Always to make life easier.


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I deserved what i got

So I stepped majorly off the track of veganism two nights ago… I am blaming it on the 3 glasses of wine I had prior to this mis step. I ate a small piece of pumpkin cheesecake. I know…This wasn’t even a little infraction. I ate the whole thing. I could feel terrible about myself… and berate myself about this, but I am continuing on my quest and moving forward! But the weird thing is, the day after I ate the cheesecake my allergies got so bad I sneezed nonstop and got so stuffy I thought I was going to have an asthma attack. I don’t have asthma, but I was weezing and coughing and sneezing. It was terrible. So, that was a lesson learned!

So I am really excited about some things that are going on in my life… Not that anything is happening yet, but me and a friend have some big things in the works. I am going to change my life. And get on the path that I am supposed to be on. I have been praying and praying that something would happen soon, and I think I am finally making some headway. At least emotionally and mentally. All you need is a plan to start with. Not too much to report today, since I was down for the count yesterdat with sinus issues, but I will be back at some point this weekend with an exciting report.

I downloaded an e book that I am really happy with called “You Don’t Need a Job You Just Need Guts.” Its really fantastic and inspiring. I dont want to be rich. I just want to be happy.