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Can’t stop Won’t stop

Get these brownies away from me! I swear I have been covered in Ghiardelli for like…3 days.  Ever since I made the best black bean brownies ever! If you want to try—–>… Vegan and freaking delicious.  My boyfriend, the pickiest eater ever, had no idea there was even a difference between them and the normal brownies that I make.  Plus, the best thing…you can cut them right away and they come clean out of the pan.  Amazing.  So I have been cutting small pieces off for about three days now.  I figure this equals about three brownies a day, which I am absolutely fine with…

Anyway.  Yoga went well last night.  I am a bit sore from the plank position, but thats nothing to complain about because I am getting stronger! So, in addition to my exploration of the vegan lifestyle I figure I would say a few words about yoga, and how I feel it relates to veganism.  First of all, I practice a version of yoga called vinyasa.  There are many different types of yoga, vinyasa by definition basically means moving with the breath, or being one with your breath.  Ashtanga yoga, a different form, actually means non-harming yoga.  This theory can be applied to yoga across the board, as yoga should never hurt.  You should bring your body to the brink of what it is capable of, know your limit and stop there until your limits soften and you can move deeper into a pose.  The idea of “non-harmful” can be applied directly to veganism.  You should not hurt yourself within your practice, but you should also not survive based on the harmful suffering of any other being.  To learn more about the practice of yoga —> for starters. 

Although I will admit that one of my favorite foods when I was younger was in fact a Burger King whopper, the idea of not eating something that has suffered really resonates with me.  I know that people get annoyed when you talk about being  vegetarian when they do not participate in the lifestyle, and I guess I do not really understand that.  My friend Liz once told me that key to anything is being loving and accepting of anothers lifestyle choice and culture.  Maybe once we can figure that out, we can actually interact peacefully amongst ourselves. 

Sushi tonight.  I’m going to have to resist the lovely Tom C lobster roll I love so much.