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Prayers for Sandy and humans

So its been a crazy couple weeks…Sandy has effected so many, and devastated the coast. Watching the tragedy unfold on the news and outside our homes these past few weeks has been a really eye opening experience. When bad things happen overseas, or even in different states, its much easier to stay numb and not feel so much inside for those that are effected. We are blasted with so many media images daily that its normal for a newer news story to take precedence over another, even if the aged one is much more important. We forget easily. We don’t want to help. We don’t know how to help. We have excuses… We are too selfish, lazy, forgetful, tired, preoccupied…etc. I think the idea that I have been trying to wrap my head around is that, no matter where tragedy happens on this earth, it affects all of us in some way or another. Attempting to give properly and be sympathetic to others is so much more important than what Lindsey Lohan is crashing her SUV into. We all have the ability to love one another. It is so much easier to Hate than it is to Love

So I want to post a prayer.

God be with us humans and our suffering spirits. Please point our hearts and our physical selves toward the correct path of love and the light for this life that you have given us. Please allow us to put aside our egos, and assist our brothers and sisters, regardless of class, race, backgrounds, and grievances. Allow us to make our decisions out of love. Please keep our hearts light and allow us to find ways to move past the aspects of this life that do not matter, the pain that will not matter, and the experiences that instill fear within us. Allow us to forgive and help rebuild our earth, and our individual lives, that were damaged long ago. With the holiday season coming, allow us to keep what is really important in mind and nurture one another, and our spiritual selves.

Be blessed.

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Beans beans Are good for your heart? And make you do what?

Look… I know beans may be the unsexiest food ever. But for us veggie people they are completely necessary. I got to thinking about beans yesterday because of my best friend. Julie and I have very different ideas of a healthy diet. Basically, while we have a mutual respect for one another’s choices, we both think the other’s diet is a fast disgusting trudge toward death… She basically would jump off a bridge before becoming a veggie. Apparently she and her equally as fabulous boyfriend follow an atkins-esque diet minus the dairy, which is not something that is my cup of tea.

So as we were talking yesterday, she yelled at me for eating so many beans. This took me by surprise… She said something like, “Dude, do you know how many carbs are in beans? Stay far away from them. And seriously….You want to be fartin’ all the time around people? You’re gonna gross out your man. No way.” My response, “Please don’t ruin beans for me too Jul…Im still not over the loss of cheese from my life, I can’t handle losing beans too.” . Anyway…This got me contemplating my beloved bean.

First of all, we all know the saying about beans. Don’t act like you don’t. I am a huge bean fan… But apparently for many people beans tend to make their bellies a little gassy. Personally, I never really knew if it was true, or if we were all experiencing a sort of placebo effect as a result of the bean/gas rumors and songs. I truly was not sure if this mean bean rumor was some what of a legend made up by kids on the playground just so they could sing a song about farts.

Well, in my google research, I stumbled across this fabulous little blog that tells you all about beans, and why they do in fact make you gassy!

Hold on to your seats folks, beans can make you stinky…If you hadn’t realized this already. Apparently, the combination of fiber and resistent starches that are difficult to “break down” is what causes your belly problems. But that doesn’t mean you should’nt eat them. Every person is different and every body’s reaction is different. Being a complex carb, they are full of yumminess as well as nutrition…If you really want to know what your talking about, check out these links.– for carb info broken down into types of beans Why beans? What do they do exactly?– live to be 100 with beans! a sweet lil food pyramid according to Dr. Furhman.

So here is my favorite bean recipe… HUMMUS! And FYI your hummus doesn’t have to be fattening. You CAN make hummus without tahini. It is not a necessary ingredient. And it is so simple.

  • 1 can BPA free garbonzo beans
  • 1-2 tbs olive oil (start w a little and add to your taste)
  • Lots o garlic finely chopped
  • 1 tsp fresh or dried Dill (add more to taste)
  • garlic powder to taste

Throw it all in a blender and blend until smooth. You can add anything you want. If you don’t think it will taste right with the dill, leave that out. Simple, less fattening without the tahini, and you can build on this lil gem. Add red peppers, jalapenos, more garlic…Anything. And so many veggie foods that could be boring you can just slap some hummus on it and it becomes so much better.

Some great bean recipes according to this sweet little blog I stumbled across… The enchiladas look amazing.

As the month is wrapping up, I need to pinpoint what my November goal is going to be…I am proud to be keeping up with my journey. Just over 11 months to go!

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A grown woman rolled her eyes at me yesterday… Not once…not twice… but three times. All I was doing was trying to help her. Needless to say I needed yoga last night. When I found myself say out loud more than once, “I really wanted to punch her in the face,” I realized that I did NOT have control of myself or my emotions at that point.

SO, that is what I was attempting to get back in check last night. It worked pretty well…I have a sense of peace that I feel through my toes and my fingertips, Last night we were focusing on back bends (I had nightmares of doing a bridge from a standing position like we did when we were little kids??? You know? I dreamt I fell on my head) and it actually was pretty cool. A lot of the positions were geared toward helping the thyroid, which really interests me. Also another super positive effect of yoga is that the practice is geared on keeping the kidneys warm and in fabulous working shape. ( This is awesome especially considering many of us will go into renal failure at an older age due to the rough way we treat our kidneys, excessive drugs, drinking, and somewhat poisonous lifestyles. Keep them healthy now!

Anyway…I have been using a lot of Cumin and a lot of Cilantro when I have been cooking lately. I was never big on the fake meat…I may tackle that in upcoming weeks, but I haven’t gotten the guts or urge to go there yet. In addition to my burrito making, I love making a big pot of beans. I thought this was interesting because they are talking about how beneficial beans are in the book I keep talking about Born to Run. My beans as follows:

  • Black Beans
  • Corn
  • green and red peppers
  • red onion
  • cumin (to taste)
  • veggie broth (a tiny bit)
  • salsa (fresh or jarred)
  • fresh cilantro (a few leaves)

Throw it all in a pot together and cook down! Depending on how hard your beans are…cook longer or shorter. So Delish!! I don’t know why my taste has been running toward mexican as of late (I am not even sure if Mexican is culturally accurate so please forgive me for my ignorance) and I never get sick of it. A good vegan mexi site–>

I eat this when I think I have eaten too many bready carbs… For example, I ate granola for breakfast this morning, and I know I am having spaghetti tonight, so I made these for lunch and skipped the tortilla. I add a little more goodness by dumping the beans over greens and making sure I eat a huge salad slowly before the spaghetti. This prevents me from shoving so much spaghetti in my face later I’m in a food coma on the couch groaning with my pants unbuttoned. No, I’m serious this actually happens.

So…One last thing I learned. Last night in yoga we chanted… “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.” I always was petrified to chant. It felt weird . Almost felt like I was praying to God…but maybe that I wasn’t supposed to be doing it that way? Well that is all far behind me. Chanting is such a cool thing to do and be involved in. Its like you are on a different, awesome wavelength. Its not so much the words, but the feelings that come along with them. Its like…the ultimate peace. Its hard to describe, but you really have to just get past your egos and let go. So… “Om” is actually just a noise, or vibration. It actually is the most sacred mantra. It basically is the vibration of life (If I am understanding correctly) It is more of like a wavelength, and apparently is is the only sound you can hear resonating in deep space—>

Shanti means peace. So when you say it three times, then accurate meaning is “peace within ourselves, peace to those we know, and peace to everyone else.” I love the idea of mantra yoga ( I think it has to be amazing. And actually when I used to pray when I was very young I used to pray for myself first, then my family, and then everyone else. I just thought that was funny that my little girl prayers came back around to me in my yoga class. I have to say that yoga is the most amazing, interesting thing I have ever wanted to learn about.

So to that lady who rolled her eyes at me three times yesterday, I love you, and I don’t want to punch you at all anymore.



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Today I woke up feeling good and HUNGRY!!! ūüôā I wanted peanut butter and jelly on a french toast bagel so bad.¬† Overall right now, I would say I am pretty happy with my weight and the way I feel with my body.¬† Let me tell you though, this was NOT always the case.¬† But, even after 9 days of being vegan, I feel my body changing.¬† I feel healthy and light, and happy.¬† Last night, I did a little Christmas shopping with my mom, and for the first time for as long as I remember… almost¬†everything fit me.¬† I thought I could have cried a little in the dressing room.¬† It has not been an easy battle.¬† But that is not what this is about.¬† This is not what my vegan journey is about.¬† It is just a positive side effect I think.¬†
So… I learned about these cool water crystal experiments last night at yoga that were conducted by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author.¬†I am going to see if I can explain this properly…¬†He claims that he conducted experiments in which positive words, thoughts and prayers have the power to actually change the molecular structure of water, in a beautiful individual manner.¬†Apparently he took jars of water and prayed or mantra’d over them, shared positive thoughts and words, and when he was finishe he froze the water immediately.¬† He did the same with jars of water that he relayed hate speech upon.¬† Words like, “I hate you,” “You make me sick, I will kill you,” and¬†“murder” were set upon these jars verbally, and hadwritten and taped on the front.¬†According to Mr. Emoto’s photos and documentation, the crystals with the loving speech and emotions were beautiful crystals that look like snowflakes, and intricate beautiful designs.¬† On the other hand, the crystals that were produced after the hate speech was put upon them were ugly and cracked and did not form any sort of pattern of beauty.¬† Now…Is this something you believe?¬† There are different theories on this.¬† Some people claim that this is a hoax, some sort of scientific quackery.¬† Some others are strong believers…Maybe, see what you think?¬† ——->
Since 1999 Emoto has been producing works called Messages From the Water.¬† My stance on this?¬† I am a believer.¬† I think that positive thoughts,¬† words, and actions…caring about yourself, and loving and taking care of your body and soul have just as much of a positive impact on your health as does a healthy diet.¬†¬† It does not surprise me that the emotions and truth we put on words of hate or love would have the power to change water.¬† Essentially, we are water (at least 75% of us is…) so I think this proves that we should be much more self aware and cautious of the verbage that we put into this world.¬†
I always think about the different ways people are blessed.¬†I think being grateful for what you have, creating a positive prayer and meditation practice, and developing a love for yourselves and the people in your life is so important.¬† If that doesn’t work for you, develop something that helps you have a positive outlook with a grateful mind set.¬†Hateful words and thoughts get you no where.¬† Think of how you feel when you are talking about somebody, or when you say something terrible that may be funny in that moment… More than likely there is a small (or large)¬†part of you that feels guilt.¬†Imagine creating an honest life, where you don’t have to drag around that guilt.¬† Let yourself feel lightness.¬† You deserve it.¬†
On a different note, I visited my local mall yesterday that I used to go to all the time growing up.¬†¬†I am not sure if that place is going down the tubes, or if getting older my needs have changed.¬† It seems¬†like there are no good stores left anymore…And¬†Macy’s is just not as good as I remembered it to be! Oh well…I probably do not need to spend the extra money anyway!¬†
Peace and truth