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Today I woke up feeling good and HUNGRY!!! ūüôā I wanted peanut butter and jelly on a french toast bagel so bad.¬† Overall right now, I would say I am pretty happy with my weight and the way I feel with my body.¬† Let me tell you though, this was NOT always the case.¬† But, even after 9 days of being vegan, I feel my body changing.¬† I feel healthy and light, and happy.¬† Last night, I did a little Christmas shopping with my mom, and for the first time for as long as I remember… almost¬†everything fit me.¬† I thought I could have cried a little in the dressing room.¬† It has not been an easy battle.¬† But that is not what this is about.¬† This is not what my vegan journey is about.¬† It is just a positive side effect I think.¬†
So… I learned about these cool water crystal experiments last night at yoga that were conducted by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author.¬†I am going to see if I can explain this properly…¬†He claims that he conducted experiments in which positive words, thoughts and prayers have the power to actually change the molecular structure of water, in a beautiful individual manner.¬†Apparently he took jars of water and prayed or mantra’d over them, shared positive thoughts and words, and when he was finishe he froze the water immediately.¬† He did the same with jars of water that he relayed hate speech upon.¬† Words like, “I hate you,” “You make me sick, I will kill you,” and¬†“murder” were set upon these jars verbally, and hadwritten and taped on the front.¬†According to Mr. Emoto’s photos and documentation, the crystals with the loving speech and emotions were beautiful crystals that look like snowflakes, and intricate beautiful designs.¬† On the other hand, the crystals that were produced after the hate speech was put upon them were ugly and cracked and did not form any sort of pattern of beauty.¬† Now…Is this something you believe?¬† There are different theories on this.¬† Some people claim that this is a hoax, some sort of scientific quackery.¬† Some others are strong believers…Maybe, see what you think?¬† ——->
Since 1999 Emoto has been producing works called Messages From the Water.¬† My stance on this?¬† I am a believer.¬† I think that positive thoughts,¬† words, and actions…caring about yourself, and loving and taking care of your body and soul have just as much of a positive impact on your health as does a healthy diet.¬†¬† It does not surprise me that the emotions and truth we put on words of hate or love would have the power to change water.¬† Essentially, we are water (at least 75% of us is…) so I think this proves that we should be much more self aware and cautious of the verbage that we put into this world.¬†
I always think about the different ways people are blessed.¬†I think being grateful for what you have, creating a positive prayer and meditation practice, and developing a love for yourselves and the people in your life is so important.¬† If that doesn’t work for you, develop something that helps you have a positive outlook with a grateful mind set.¬†Hateful words and thoughts get you no where.¬† Think of how you feel when you are talking about somebody, or when you say something terrible that may be funny in that moment… More than likely there is a small (or large)¬†part of you that feels guilt.¬†Imagine creating an honest life, where you don’t have to drag around that guilt.¬† Let yourself feel lightness.¬† You deserve it.¬†
On a different note, I visited my local mall yesterday that I used to go to all the time growing up.¬†¬†I am not sure if that place is going down the tubes, or if getting older my needs have changed.¬† It seems¬†like there are no good stores left anymore…And¬†Macy’s is just not as good as I remembered it to be! Oh well…I probably do not need to spend the extra money anyway!¬†
Peace and truth

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Books and Nooks?

I can’t say I am a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything… I think I am kind of a mini expert at a bunch of things. But I have read my fair share of books about the vegan life.  My lovely sister has been a vegetarian since she was in 3rd grade (approx).  When I was younger I used to make fun of her, and once (the evil child that I was) laughed uncontrollably at her when she ate a beef burrito from taco bell, and thought it was beans.  Now, when I think of that, I feel so sad that I did that!  I think that I was probably just jealous of her, and the fact that she could do something that I couldn’t at the time.   Hopefully I have transformed from the mean child I once was…Not sure if Jenna would agree with that statement, but that’s ok. 

One book I have read that I love is called Eat to Live.¬† It‚Äôs written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and it gives you medically sound facts and information garnished on why the vegan life is the best thing for your body, and ultimate health in the long run.¬† His ideas and ‚Äúdiet‚ÄĚ are ‚Äúlifestyle changes‚ÄĚ (you have heard that term from EVERY woman who has ever been on a diet) that is pretty severe.¬† He guarantees weight loss, but also guarantees optimum health.¬† It seems to me that he targets overweight and obese people (been there) with health and heart problems, to get them turned in healthy directions.¬† Honestly, the book was such an inspiration I have been using it at a guideline for about a year now. To learn more about the book check out –√†

His website has some great tips about organic living and alternates and substitutions for everyday food choices.¬† Although this may be too extreme of a choice for many, its worth a read solely for the medical information and statistics he shares relating to heart disease and cancer which, lets face it, effects all of us somehow.¬† I also came across this veggie site that outlines some great info about being a vegetarian ——-√†¬† It wasn‚Äôt too hard to find this site, it always pops up first when I search ‚Äúvegan‚Ä̬† in google (lol).¬†

One other good read I am going to have to check out is a book my family is obsessed with right now.  Its called Born to Run, by Chris Mcdougall, and apparently it is amazing.  As inspired as I am by Dr. Fuhrman’s book, I am wondering if this book will encourage me to get out on my two legs more and take a run once in awhile.  Although I am much happier on my yoga mat, I can appreciate a good run once in a blue moon.  A very blue moon.   

If you notice I post about books a lot, its because I am a LIBRARIAN! Well, not in my current life, but in my University life that is what it says on my diploma.  I love books and am sooo close to buying a nook or a kindle fire but I haven’t had the heart to do it yet. 

Yoga tonight, black bean burrito for lunch, and shopping with mama after work. Life is good.  Right now I’m thanking God for giving me an easy path at this point in my life.