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Today I woke up feeling good and HUNGRY!!! ūüôā I wanted peanut butter and jelly on a french toast bagel so bad.¬† Overall right now, I would say I am pretty happy with my weight and the way I feel with my body.¬† Let me tell you though, this was NOT always the case.¬† But, even after 9 days of being vegan, I feel my body changing.¬† I feel healthy and light, and happy.¬† Last night, I did a little Christmas shopping with my mom, and for the first time for as long as I remember… almost¬†everything fit me.¬† I thought I could have cried a little in the dressing room.¬† It has not been an easy battle.¬† But that is not what this is about.¬† This is not what my vegan journey is about.¬† It is just a positive side effect I think.¬†
So… I learned about these cool water crystal experiments last night at yoga that were conducted by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author.¬†I am going to see if I can explain this properly…¬†He claims that he conducted experiments in which positive words, thoughts and prayers have the power to actually change the molecular structure of water, in a beautiful individual manner.¬†Apparently he took jars of water and prayed or mantra’d over them, shared positive thoughts and words, and when he was finishe he froze the water immediately.¬† He did the same with jars of water that he relayed hate speech upon.¬† Words like, “I hate you,” “You make me sick, I will kill you,” and¬†“murder” were set upon these jars verbally, and hadwritten and taped on the front.¬†According to Mr. Emoto’s photos and documentation, the crystals with the loving speech and emotions were beautiful crystals that look like snowflakes, and intricate beautiful designs.¬† On the other hand, the crystals that were produced after the hate speech was put upon them were ugly and cracked and did not form any sort of pattern of beauty.¬† Now…Is this something you believe?¬† There are different theories on this.¬† Some people claim that this is a hoax, some sort of scientific quackery.¬† Some others are strong believers…Maybe, see what you think?¬† ——->
Since 1999 Emoto has been producing works called Messages From the Water.¬† My stance on this?¬† I am a believer.¬† I think that positive thoughts,¬† words, and actions…caring about yourself, and loving and taking care of your body and soul have just as much of a positive impact on your health as does a healthy diet.¬†¬† It does not surprise me that the emotions and truth we put on words of hate or love would have the power to change water.¬† Essentially, we are water (at least 75% of us is…) so I think this proves that we should be much more self aware and cautious of the verbage that we put into this world.¬†
I always think about the different ways people are blessed.¬†I think being grateful for what you have, creating a positive prayer and meditation practice, and developing a love for yourselves and the people in your life is so important.¬† If that doesn’t work for you, develop something that helps you have a positive outlook with a grateful mind set.¬†Hateful words and thoughts get you no where.¬† Think of how you feel when you are talking about somebody, or when you say something terrible that may be funny in that moment… More than likely there is a small (or large)¬†part of you that feels guilt.¬†Imagine creating an honest life, where you don’t have to drag around that guilt.¬† Let yourself feel lightness.¬† You deserve it.¬†
On a different note, I visited my local mall yesterday that I used to go to all the time growing up.¬†¬†I am not sure if that place is going down the tubes, or if getting older my needs have changed.¬† It seems¬†like there are no good stores left anymore…And¬†Macy’s is just not as good as I remembered it to be! Oh well…I probably do not need to spend the extra money anyway!¬†
Peace and truth